November 2023 Joint Planning Board Meeting Minutes


Cherry Valley Joint Planning Board Meeting Notes

November 15, 2023

7:00pm Community Room at the Old School

Meeting was called to order 07:01pm

1. Roll Call: Cierra Utter, Dave Cornelia, Ellen LaSalle, Lorraine Bosma, Bill Compton

Excused absence: Frank McGrath


2.  Review of last month’s Planning Board Minutes: Meeting notes were not available for this meeting and will be reviewed at the next meeting. As Frank is excused from the meeting, Cierra appointed Lorraine to act as secretary for this meeting.


3.  Communications:

               a.  Email: Crystal Bentley – Paradise Energy Solutions needs a Certification of Completion. As the CV Planning Board does not have oversite of this project, it is not able to issue a Certification of Completion. It is recommended that Crystal be referred to the County Planning Board and or Codes. Frank has given her this information.


4.  New Business:

               a.  Leonard Press wants to divide an eleven-acre parcel from his property on Willie O’Neil Rd. His son would like to build a home on this property. Mr. Press completed the Preliminary Platt form and submitted a sketch plan.  Based on the information presented this subdivision meets all the requirement under the sub-division law. This property has been subdivided before making this subdivision a Major Subdivision. Motion to accept the Preliminary Platt was made by Dave and seconded by Ellen with all in favor. Paperwork to complete the Major Subdivision was given as well as what the next steps were to Mr. Press.


               b. By-Law review:

                                i. Service term lengths: Service term lengths were written into the By-Laws to accommodate the joining to the two separate planning boards.  Frank’s term is up this year and he will be placed on the Town Planning Board’s agenda in January for reappointment.

                               ii. Attendance requirement with virtual option: It does state in the By-Laws that a Planning Board member can attend the meeting with the permission of the Chair via phone or video. The By-Laws do not specify the practice of three unexcused absences from a Board meeting constituting a resignation. Ellen pointed out that in all previous By-Laws this was included under Article 2: Section 2.1.  The Planning Board agreed that rather than re-writing the By-Laws that the By-Laws include an addendum specifying that this has been the practice. A copy of this addendum will be sent to all current Board members. At December’s meeting a Training schedule for next year will be developed.

                              iii. Officer elections and expectations: This will be reviewed at the meeting in December.



5.  Old Business:

               a. Status of Internet access to the Community Room.

                              i. Booster update needed: review at the next meeting


               b. Village Comprehensive Plan status: ON HOLD

                              i. Letter sent on May 19, 2023 to the Village Board requesting “…guidelines and specific directives for the writing of the comprehensive plan.  Discussion on whether to keep this item on the agenda. The Village Board has not responded to this request and has questioned whether they actually gave the task of developing a Comprehensive Plan to the Board.


6.  Privilege of the Floor: None


7.  Activities to be accomplished before the next meeting 12/20/23.

               a. Lorraine will type up the addendum and add it to the By-Laws. Lorraine will send the addendum to everyone via email.

               b. Cierra will check with Maryann if she will be returning to the Board.


Bill made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Dave, with all approving. Meeting was adjourned at 7:47























Respectively submitted by Lorraine Bosma, acting secretary


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