CHERRY VALLEY JOINT PLANNING BOARD: Cherry Valley Joint Planning Board will now meet every 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7pm
  Cherry Valley Joint Planning Board Minutes Old School Community Room.    Date:        03-16-2022   1. Call to Order  a t:     7: 06 pm by Chairperson Lorraine Bosma Roll Call :  Present were Lorraine Bosma, Chairperson, Cierra Utter, Deputy Chairperson, Frank McGrath, Secretary,    Ellen LaSalle,  Lisa Hershey Heinrich, Karen Walker, Dave Cornelia, and Marianne Scully.   Guests:   2. Review past Minutes of February 15, 2022 Changes/Corrections: spelling Motion to accept       Feb. 15, 2022   by Lisa Hershey Heinrich, seconded by Frank McGrath, unanimously voted.           Ayes    7    Nays         0                     3. Communications:           a. John Weisman:   wants to erect 3 sheds for personal use/hunting.   No septic planned.   Land   abutting motor-cross property on CR 50.    No issues involving CVJPB.     4. New Business:              a. Solar project at the school:   Green Street Power Partners (GSPP) want to submit new lease   for
  Town of Cherry Valley Planning Board Minutes for February 15, 2022     Community Room at the Old School Meeting called to order at 7pm by Lorraine Bosma Roll Call: Present - Lorraine Bosma, Karen Walker, Lisa Hersey Heinrich Absent - Ellen LaSalle, Tracy Donovan Laughlin.   Review of December & January Planning Board Minutes postponed due to no quorum   Communications: ·        Emily wants purchase property before the new school, on the top of the hill, and wants to put up two more, lot 4.8 acres ·        Emmy information about property on Rt 34; there is one home already on .47 acres and she wants to put up a tiny house   ·        New Business: Lorraine received an email from Oliva Sproviero of Greenstreet Power Partners LLC of Stanford, Ct wanting to know status for solar farm. She told them process must start over (over two years have passed).                         Old Business: ·        Update on Combining the Village and Town Planning Boards, Lo

Cherry Valley Planning Board Meeting August 18, 2020

Present:. Karen, Ellen, Tracy, Lorraine by telephone Visitors: Howard Young, Dennis Laughlin Called to order at 7:06 p.m. by Karen Quorum Per Allison Hebel - 12% increase in height but increase in value is more than $10,000.00. Lorraine will contact Will Green for guidance. She will come to meeting in September if necessary. Howard Young - two subdivisions Route 20 and 34A. Paid his $25 for each property. Mylars yet to be signed. Follow-up on Brian Butts - email inquiry - Lorraine sent him information and no response. July minutes motion to approve by Ellen and seconded by Karen. Sample letter of notification of subdivision needs to be tweaked and revisited at next meeting. Motion to adjourn Ellen at 8:31 p.m. Lorraine second.

Cherry Valley Planning Board Meeting July 21, 2020

 Appearances: Lorraine, Tracy, Lisa, Karen Visitors: Dennis Laughlin, Howard Young Meeting called at 7:35 by Lorraine Howard has two parcels to subdivide 37 acres - Matt and Melissa Richards. Kevin Yerdon surveyed. Second property on Route 20, Kilmeier homestead. Will have business. Lisa motion to approve preliminary sketch. Karen seconded. Review January meeting January minutes already approved Review February minutes Motion to accept February minutes by Lisa, second by Karen Motion to accept preliminary request - Karen, seconded by Lorraine, approved Regarding solar - need language that rules binding successors, clean up etc. June minutes approved with minor modification made. Brian Butts - request to parcel / build residence to care for elderly relatives No response to request to solar people for additional information. Discussion regarding solar laws Discussion of By-Laws - changes made in February Suggestion to ask Marty Fields to join Town Planning Board By-Laws - moving compl

Cherry Valley Planning Board Meeting - Revised June 16, 2020

Present - Lorraine, Ellen, Karen, Lisa, Tracy Visitors - Dennis, Thomas McCarthy 7:34 meeting to order March, April and May - no meeting, - Tom McCarthy attending to discuss his plan. Patricia Keegan telephoned by Lorraine. Discuss division of Tom’s property. Dividing property for estate purposes with no intention at this time to build. Passed around SEQRA form to review. Original property Motion to accept SEQRA (State Environmental Quality Review Act) form . Karen made motion and Lisa seconded. Motion to approve application - Lisa motion, Ellen seconded. Lorraine signed the mylars. Paid application fee. SEQRA form . Karen made motion and Lisa seconded. State Environmental Quality Review Act By-Laws - need to do an amendment changing voting members from January to December. Will do in July. Talked about in February meeting. Discussion about inability to find Land Use Law on line - Holly Waterman will be updating site. Motion to adjourn - Lisa, seconded by Ellen Adjourned at 8:25 p.m