September 2023 Joint Planning Board Minutes


Wednesday,  September 20, 2023

Cherry Valley Joint Planning Board Minutes

Old School Community Room.   Date: September 20, 2023


1. Call to Order      At:     7:02 pm           By:  C. Utter

Roll Call:      T = Town rep         V = Village rep       TA = Town alternate          VA = Village alternate

Cierra Utter  V[ x ]                       Ellen LaSalle T[ Ab ]                              Frank McGrath T[ x ] 

                    Dave Cornelia V[ x ]                               Lorraine Bosma V [ Ab ]

          William Compton  VA[ x ]                                           Marianne Scully  VA[ Ab ]


Guests:  None


2. Review past Minutes of  August 16, 2023

          Changes/Corrections:  Spelling corrections

Motion to accept by:  W. Compton,   2nd.  F. McGrath                 Ayes 4     Nays   0       



3. Communications:

          a. Request from Linda Bouck for any keys to Village office to be returned.


4. New Business:  

          a. Lisa Hershey Heinrich resignation letter.      


5. Old Business

          a. Brad Osborne subdivision review complete

          b. New projector bought by town.

          c. Internet for community meeting room to be improved.  Mayor Guido said that village will split the

              cost of a paid internet connection with the town.  Will check progress at next village meeting.

          d. By-Laws update/review to be moved to next meeting.

          e. Village comprehensive plan waiting for village to contact on next steps.


6. Privilege of the Floor:


7. Activities to be accomplished before next Meeting date: 

          a. Review of By-laws


Motion to adjourn by.  W.  Compton ;   2nd by D. Cornelia   Meeting adjourned at:   7:50 pm


Submitted by  Frank McGrath                  


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