September 2023 Joint Planning Board Special Meeting Minutes


Wednesday,  September 20, 2023

Cherry Valley Joint Planning Board

SPECIAL MEETING Minutes Osborne subdivision

Old School Community Room.   Date: September 20, 2023


1. Call to Order      At:   6:45 pm      By: C. Utter

Roll Call:      T = Town rep         V = Village rep       TA = Town alternate          VA = Village alternate

Cierra Utter  V[ x ]                       Ellen LaSalle T[ Ab ]                              Frank McGrath T[ x ] 

                    Dave Cornelia V[ x ]                               Lorraine Bosma V [ Ab ]

          William Compton  VA[ x ]                                           Marianne Scully  VA[ Ab ]


Guests: Brad Osborne, Kaitlyn Bradt


2. Review/Accept Osborne subdivision documents as complete.



Motion to adjourn by   F. McGrath ; 2nd by D. Cornelia       Meeting adjourned at:      7:00 pm


Submitted by  Frank McGrath                 


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