August Joint Planning Board Minutes


Wednesday,  August 16, 2023

Cherry Valley Joint Planning Board Minutes

Old School Community Room.   Date: August 16, 2023


1. Call to Order      At:             7:06  pm                By: C. Utter

Roll Call:      T = Town rep         V = Village rep       TA = Town alternate          VA = Village alternate

Cierra Utter  V[ X ]             Ellen LaSalle T[ Abs ]                  Frank McGrath T[ X ] 

Dave Cornelia V[ Abs ]                 Lisa Hershey Heinrich T[ X ]

William Compton  VA[ X ]   Marianne Scully  VA[ Abs ]


Guests:   NONE

2. Review past Minutes of  July 26, 2023 (Rescheduled from July 19, 2023)

          Changes/Corrections:  NONE

Motion to accept by   L. Heinrich,   2nd   F. McGrath         Ayes  4      Nays 0         


3. Communications:

          a. Email from Kayleigh Furth of Carson Power - asking about town zoning maps

          b. Noah Bailey, Blue Redwood - working on local solar project


4. New Business:  

          a. Lorraine Bosma approved and appointed to the planning board at last town board meeting.


5. Old Business

          a. Brad Osborne - minor subdivision to be used for residential home construction.

                    - Mylar submitted.

                    - Flow chart reviewed

                    - Special Public Hearing Meeting will be held at 6:45, September 20th. before regular meeting.

                      Notice of time and date will be posted by the town clerk in the ONEONTA Daily Star.

          b. Kristina Boudreault - minor subdivision application of 201 Main St. to be submitted

          c. Community room internet access and LED projector: 

                    * Internet access was installed with the first outdoor games and has not been maintained.

                    * LED projector for meeting displays was acquired and now need a screen purchased and


          d. Bylaws update:  planning board need to review all and revise where needed.  Discussion started

                    regarding member accountability and attendance;  Alternates roles to be more clearly defined

                    if alternates are to remain;  discussion of agenda being posted on website prior to meetings.

          e. Village comprehensive plan is tabled pending communication from the village board.


6. Privilege of the Floor:


7. Activities to be accomplished before next Meeting date:

          - investigate internet update with the village board (Frank will attend village meeting)

          - members will review current bylaws and make not of items for review and/or revision. (All)


Motion to adjourn by  L. Heinrich  ; 2nd by F. McGrath    Meeting adjourned at: 8:20 pm


Submitted by  Frank McGrath                 


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