Cherry Valley Planning Board Meeting July 21, 2020

 Appearances: Lorraine, Tracy, Lisa, Karen

Visitors: Dennis Laughlin, Howard Young

Meeting called at 7:35 by Lorraine

Howard has two parcels to subdivide 37 acres - Matt and Melissa Richards. Kevin Yerdon surveyed.

Second property on Route 20, Kilmeier homestead. Will have business. Lisa motion to approve preliminary sketch. Karen seconded.

Review January meeting

January minutes already approved

Review February minutes

Motion to accept February minutes by Lisa, second by Karen

Motion to accept preliminary request - Karen, seconded by Lorraine, approved

Regarding solar - need language that rules binding successors, clean up etc. June minutes approved with minor modification made.

Brian Butts - request to parcel / build residence to care for elderly relatives No response to request to solar people for additional information.

Discussion regarding solar laws

Discussion of By-Laws - changes made in February

Suggestion to ask Marty Fields to join Town Planning Board

By-Laws - moving completed application file to Town Clerk - receipts kept in file with Town Clerk.

(Once minutes approved will be entered in secretarial book at clerk’s office. ) will review changes to by-laws at next meeting.

Extra keys for office for Town Board meeting - Karen and Tracy

Review draft of sample subdivision notice letter. Make changes to language with intent to include in packet for people.

Application for Special Use Permit with Site Plan Review - label as Form E - work on flow chart.

Motion to adjourn Karen, Lorraine seconded. 8:35 p.m.


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